82 minutes | Apr 21st 2020

Day 19- The Gang Meets the CDC w/ Eli Harrison

With a positive COVID-19 test almost two and half weeks post symptoms, good friend and return guest Eli Harrison explains what exactly went down roughly a month ago when this virus first shook the world. While the news cycle went wild with any bit of information they could get their hands on, Eli and the rest of the Dungey Boys were under a direct investigation by the CDC, to get any information they could from a diagnosis that did not fit the mold for what they had been previously reporting on. Along with all of this, we talk frustrations with testing, symptoms of the virus, what the testing is like, different people with different situations, social media virtue signaling and how Eli has to cook again. Fun episode recorded on ZOOM so sorry for any issues with audio, Im trying my best to figure it out and keep this bad boy rolling. Thanks for all the listens, WE GETTING BIGGER EVERY WEEK PARTY PEOPLE!!MUSIC by My Aim is True and Brother Gabriel! Check them out on Spotify!Hit me with anything @morementaldays on INSTAGRAMSSS!
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