114 minutes | Apr 8th 2020

Day 18- Ryan McGowan and the Search Party Apparel Story

While the quarantine continues, the cast must go on. Ryan McGowan blesses us for episode 18 in a pre COVID era, filled with pacifico's and laughs gathered around the Cozy Boys Studio. Ryan and I chat up about the origins of his company, moving to Huntington Beach, trying to get back in the corporate work force, being flat broke, working a million hours, faking it til you make it, running a fashion show, getting involved in beach cleanup, injury recovery and much much more! Tune in and enjoy ya kooks! Check out  Search Party Apparel on instagram @searchpartyapparel, Ryan @kittymcgowan, Intro band @xarmywives and outro tunes @_brothergabriel_Go too www.searchpartyapparel.com to check out some fresh gear and support a good cause with a portion of all sales going to the World Health Organization response to the COVID-19 outbreak!Stay Safe and enjoy the cast for your listening entertainment!!!
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