43 minutes | Feb 17th 2020

Day 15- Do You Even Float Bro? (SoloCast)

Episode 15 of the MORE MENTAL DAYS PODCAST is the first of what I will consider deep dive solo episodes. Essentially a first person book report I recorded on my experience with float tanks/ sensory deprivation chambers. Take this with a grain of salt and hopefully a ballpark perspective into realities and doubts one may have on floats and/or what the benefits of them might be in both some physical and existential forms. I would call this either a hybrid between first person, experimental skepticism practices or a total hunk of, what can only be called, verbal compost. In short, floats rule and no matter how you listen, I'm happy your here! Music by MAIT- ( @JUSTNYHC @xarmywives )Interlude- ME-EZ BEATS Drum APPOutro by BrotherGabriel @_Brothergabriel_ 
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