113 minutes | Oct 30th 2019

Day 10- DIY Snowboarding and Antics of Daily Dose x Chuuch Video (ft. Alex Lockwood, Dillon Boeshans and Keith Skyta)

DOUBLE DIGGIES! Episode 10 is with Alex Lockwood (@stonecoldstevelockwood), Keith Skyta (@masterr_splinter) and Dillon Boeshans (@dillon_boeshans) who make up just a portion of what has gone into "Alive and Well", a for the homies, by the homies, snowboard video cultivated by a bunch of tricky friends, premiering this Friday (11/1) in Salt Lake City, Utah. We get into what goes into making a snowboard movie, video focus now compared to past industry films, favorite films and parts of our times, funny stories, antics, downtown bum stories, friendly banter and more. To everyone and everything we shouted out, all of the love! Big thanks to Daily Dose and Chuuch for getting this thing going and getting the hype up for the movie and winter months that follow. Available on Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes Podcasts and Podbean.com! PREMIERE THIS FRIDAY 11/1 @ Lumpys Sports Bar ~ 3000 s Highland, SLC, UTAH @8:00PMOther IG links: @_the_dailydose @chuuch_@morementaldaysMusic by: @xarmywives @_brothergabriel_ 
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