75 minutes | Aug 24, 2021

Episode 258: The Hillside Stranglers Part 2

We’ve made it to part two of three of Alaina’s deep dive into the depraved minds of Angelo Buono and Kenny Biaanchi. If you’ve made it to this part, you know that this cousin duo is out on the sunset strip terrorizing the lives of young women. You can only terrorize one area for so long though and in this part they decide to switch up not only their way of getting victims, but also the process in which they torture and kill. This will be a tough one, and we hope to see you back for part three.

Great Sources:
Great blog post about Lissa Kastin's life and who she was before she was a Hillside Strangler victim

The Hillside Strangler by Darcy O'Brien

Killing Cousins by OK Modjeska

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