70 minutes | Nov 13th 2020

Episode 186: The Mysterious Unsolved Death of Elisa Lam

In February 2013 the guests at The Cecil hotel started making multiple complaints to the front desk about the water in their room. Some said the tap water had a funny taste to it, others said the water pressure was basically non-existent. A maintenance worker was sent to check on the status of one of the main water tanks and made the horrifying discovery of a young woman who had been missing for three weeks: Elisa Lam. There are about four hundred thousand theories as to how Elisa ended up in the water tank so let’s dive in.
Books used for this Episode:
Gone at Midnight: The Tragic True Story Behind the Unsolved Internet Sensation
All Thats Interesting: The Unsolved Mystery Behind the Disturbing Death of Elisa Lam
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