13 minutes | Jul 22, 2021

Master Series: Episode 01 - Motivation: Trailer 2

Hello listeners! We hope you enjoyed a taster of our first Moonshots Master Series episode, as we dive into MOTIVATION. Today we have our second trailer from our MOTIVATION episode for you to enjoy! Subscribe today to our Master Series!We revisit some of our most popular superstars who have harnessed the power of motivation to their success, including David Goggins, Lady Gaga and Gary Vee .As we explore models and frameworks that help us understand what drives us, we explore the Self-Determination Theory, and Daniel Pink’s secret to motivation. We get inspired by scientific journals such as Ryan & Deci’s Intrinsic Motivation so we can harness the concept that motivation is a drive we all have power over if we choose to take ownership.Lastly, we look to the future and determine how we can make motivation a habit we exercise each day, with James Clear and Jordan Peterson.
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