30 minutes | Sep 23rd 2015

What People Learned About Money By Blogging About Money

#200: The MoneyPlan SOS podcast is now retired with this final episode. It was recorded LIVE at FinCon15 with nine bloggers who learned about money while blogging about money. ____ In this final episode, nine financial bloggers answer the question, "Have you learned anything about money since blogging about money?" Eric Rosenberg (Narrow Bridge Media) Emily Guy Birken (Wisebread, Book: 5 Years Before You Retire) Katie Austin (Writes for ActiveHours.com) Todd Tresidder (FinancialMentor.com) Stefanie O’Connell (The Broke and Beautiful Life) Athena Lent (Being Fabulous Has No Price Tag) Miranda Marquit (Planting Money Seeds) JD Roth (Get Rich Slowly, new blog MoneyBoss.com) Eva Baker (TeensGotCents.com) _____________________________ The MoneyPlan SOS podcast is now retired #tear This was the final episode of the Money Plan SOS podcast. Why? Somehow, I became known in the FinCon community as a podcast guru (they even gave me a shirt that said FinCon Podcast Guru on the front). This pivot into a new career allows me to help others who podcast about financial literacy topics by editing/engineering their recordings. My new home-base is Thank you for being a listener. It's been a true honor to host this show and help anyone who will listen PAY ATTENTION - NOT INTEREST!
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