68 minutes | Aug 28th 2015

The 8 Great Mistakes of Investing. Also, Fractional Savings Accounts

#198: OG (aka The Other Guy from Stacking Benjamins) joins me to share the 8 Great Mistakes in Investing Full show notes at   The 8 Great Mistakes of Investing are: Under-diversification  Over-diversification  Euphoria  Panic  Leverage  Speculating  Investing for yield and not total return  Cost basis dictating decision  Thanks to OG for coming over. You can find him at http://StackingBenjamins.com - my favorite podcast. Also mentioned in this episode: The Great Beanie Baby Bubble by Zac Bissonnette. Amazing stuff! Here's the Stacking Benjamins affiliate link: http://amazon.com/dp/B00INIXVPW/?tag=thefreefinanc-20 __________________________________________________ Steve Stewart's Budget Coaching Course on video:  __________________________________________________ Ponda from the Honda: SPEND IT ALL (sort of) __________________________________________________ Fractional and Automated Savings Accounts - are they a good idea? Deanna Richardson from Richardson Accounting and Consulting, PLLC @  asked “Have you heard of Digit? Seems like a great way to build up an emergency fund and....it says it is free. Then their are bonuses for keeping $100 in it over 3 months. If I did my math right, the bonuses are over 2.5% interest (5 cents / week per $100). Would love to hear what you think.” I tackle these new fractional, or automatic, savings accounts: Acorns, Digit and Betterment’s SmartDollar Links: ACORNS Open an account:  or install the free IOS or Android app Listen to my interview with the creators of Acorns    DIGIT Open an account:  Testimony from Paula Pant (which kinda concerns me)    BETTERMENT'S SMARTDEPOSIT Open an account:  More information:  ______________________________________    
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