48 minutes | Jun 20th 2015

A Pleasant Conversation With The Angry Grad

#188: Leah Bell shares her story of growing $32k in student loan debt - and why it makes her angry! Upcoming webinars: July 1st: Get more out of your money by Spending Our Values http://MoneyPlanSOS.com/webinars June 23rd: Premium Podcast Player Showdown In this episode: Leah Bell, The Angry Grad, did what she thought everyone does: Goes to college to get a degree. What she didn’t know was her chosen major narrowed her options just before the recession of 2008.  Leah is now on a mission to educate others about education. We also check in with Jason from @Phroogal on #TheRoad To Financial Wellness (first appeared on Episode 186). John Beidel, from Episode 172, wrote a really funny article about Taxes. Yes, funny. Full notes at 
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