60 minutes | May 19, 2021

Rayliant's Hsu: Broken economic 'coupling' with China is good for diversification

Jason Hsu of Rayliant Global Advisors says that China -- which was first into and first out of the pandemic -- is a good economic precursor for the rest of the world to watch now, as its stock market euphoria from 2020 has backed off with more mundane returns this year. Hsu notes that China's path through the pandemic was different than for much of the world, highlighting that there has been some de-coupling between global markets, less correlation where one nation's issues lead to problems elsewhere; that, he notes, is good for diversification and a reason to give international investments a bigger role in portfolios. Also on the show, Noland Langford of Left brain Investment Research discusses how the stock market's recent rotation has him looking for growth in some non-traditional places, Chuck talks about the latest research around the '4 percent rule' for retirees, and David Brady of Brady Investment Counsel talks growth stocks in the Market Call.

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