60 minutes | Aug 23, 2021

Look for stodgy dividend payers that have missed out on the bull market

Broan Bollinger, president of Simply Safe Dividends, says that the stock market's rise to record highs has created challenging valuations for income-oriented stocks, but he maintains that there are issues that are steady, boring names that have missed out on much of the rise and remain reasonable values today. In the Market Call, Bollinger discusses the importance of dividend safety and the relative certainty of the income stream in income-generating stocks. Also on the show, Greg McBride of Bankrate.com discusses the site's recent survey showing how few Americans are taking advantage of low mortgage rates to refinance, in many cases because they don't know the rate they are paying now, David Trainer of New Constructs revisits and reiterates three Danger Zone picks in DID, COMP and TSLA, noting that two of those selections have been successful while the most famous third selection has continued to defy gravity. And the Book Interview goes 'In Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio,' with the book's co-author Stephen Foerster discussing investing legends who got it right and who are strategic role models for millions of investors.
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