62 minutes | May 28, 2021

Real Estate Inflation – Should You Be Afraid Of This New Trend?

Real estate prices are continuing to skyrocket. People continue to flee to the suburbs. Lumber prices are up 300%+ People are paying above listed price all cash offers sight unseen. Where is this madness going to end? On top of that, Inflation is starting to pick up. Commodity prices are rising... when they have done nothing but drop for over 10 years. Have we finally turned the corner and started to see the inflation that the Fed has so desperately been seeking. We discuss all this and more on the show today with Greg McBride, from Bankrate.com. For more information, visit the show notes at https://moneytreepodcast.com/real-estate-inflation-greg-mcbride   Today's Panelists: Kirk Chisholm | Innovative Wealth Barbara Friedberg | Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance Megan Gorman | The Wealth Intersection
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