34 minutes | Jan 8th 2021

EP154: How to Get Started Investing in 2021

Are you looking to start off 2021 investing but don't know where to get started?   On today's show I am going to show you how to get started investing whether you're a seasoned investor or you're just starting out.   Also, I am going to go full transparency with you and share with you some of my latest stocks I have purchased over the past year.   But before we start, here’s what you will get during the show.   First we will break down the difference between a stock, bond, mutual fund and ETF. Then we will talk about whether you're investing for retirement or non-retirement. From there we will discuss the options of managing your own portfolio or having someone do it for you.   And lastly I am going to share you with you my little secret I have found that has completely blown my mind when it comes to investing and I will be giving you a free gift at the end of the show to help you get started with opening your account, choosing your investment strategy, and actually investing into the market.   So let's just jump right in.


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Are you currently living on a plan for your life and money...AKA a budget?

The #1 habit of the most highly successful people is they are proactive. They don't wait for life and money to happen to them, they happen to their life and money.

If you haven't started yet, now is the best time to start living on a simple budget. It's time to be proactive.

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