16 minutes | Aug 14th 2020

EP141: 7 Stepts to Creating a Budget and Save $500 Every Month

Today I am going to break down the exact same budget our students are currently using to save on average $500 or more each month.

A recent study shows that nearly 80% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. 

This isn't because they aren't making enough or that they're spending too much — it's because what gets measured gets managed.

On the show I will be breaking down the 7 steps below in detail and explain how they work and why each step is so important.

Step 1: Go back 90 days

Step 2: Make categories

Step 3: Enter first two steps into budget

Step 4: Zero out your budget

Step 5: Follow the plan YOU created for YOUR money

Step 6: Make adjustments

Step 7: Rinse and repeat

Once you've listened to all 7 steps, head on over to https://www.moneypeach.com/session141 to get the free budget templates I mention inside the episode.

or you can simply

Grab Free Budget Templates Here


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