18 minutes | Jul 31st 2020

EP140: Second Stimulus Check Update - How Much You May Be Getting

On Monday, the Senate pushed through the HEALS Act which is expected to be signed into law on August 7th.

What to expect from the HEALS Act:

Stimulus Checks

  • $1,200 for individuals making less than $75k and phasing out at $99k
  • $2,400 for families making less than $150k and phasing out at $198k
  • $500 for dependents 19 and younger OR 24 and younger if they are a student

Unemployment Benefits

  • The $600 weekly benefit (in addition to state benefits) expires on 07/31/2020
  • Decreased amount to $200 per week (in addition to state benefits) through September and then 70% wage increase, up to $500, from October through December 31st.

School Reopening

  • $70 billion to K-12 that open for in-person classes
  • $29 billion for higher education
  • $1 billion for Bureau of Indian Education
  • $5 billion to be used by each state at their discretion

Coronavirus Testing

  • $16 billion

This is only what has been proposed by the Senate on Monday and is expected to pass by August 7th. Talks from both sides of the aisle and President Trump have also mentioned that the package may even offer more than this current proposal.



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