19 minutes | Oct 4, 2021

087 - Are You Rich Or Poor?

What’s the different between being rich or poor? The images we see and things we hear in the media would have us think of being rich as just having a lot of money, but is that true?Can’t someone live a really fulfilling life without having a lot of money and still feel very rich inside? Likewise, can’t someone also have a lot of money, but have no real relationships and no real purpose in life, and feel completely poor because of this?The answer to both of those questions is yes – The different between being rich and poor is nothing more than a mindset. In this episode, Coach George Wang wants to have a discussion with you on what it means to have a rich or poor mindset. What’s the difference and how do you create a rich mindset?This is something we should all strive for – not just for the material wealth – but for the internal fulfillment and joy that comes with it. So, listen to this whole episode now to learn how you can develop a rich mindset too.Show Notes: CoachGeorgeWang.com/87
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