53 minutes | Aug 27, 2019

(019) Financial Avoidance: The Actual Shame Drawer (w/ Danielle Perez)

Money Ha Ha is about bringing money talk out of the shame drawer and onto the table, and this week we’re opening up that drawer (or bag, or box—everyone’s system is different) to discuss why we keep stuffing our unopened bills in there: financial avoidance. This week comedian Danielle Perez invites us into her L.A. home to chat about why our brains don’t like to go to the scary money place, and how we can tempt them to at least pay it a visit. Don’t avoid this episode, cause we’ve got Danielle’s re-telling of her viral appearance on The Price is Right, a special duet between Yasmine and Dara’s mom, not one but two stomach-turning anecdotes about overdue dental work, and a full-on Girl, Interrupted moment. Plus, once you go on Yasmine’s guided “mind journey” into your financial future (light a candle first!), we bet you’ll discover things aren’t as bad as you’ve built them up to be. Links mentioned in this episode: APA: Face the numbers: Moving beyond financial denial Danielle’s “The Price Is Right” video Danielle on Twitter Danielle on Instagram Thedanielleperez.com
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