49 minutes | Oct 13, 2021

60. How to "Toot Your Own Horn" in an Authentic Way with Leadership Expert Mary McGuire

Despite being often naturally skilled leaders, women often limit their leadership potential by refusing to "blow their own trumpet" or "toot their own horn."  Even though it might seem noble and unselfish to refuse to confidently share your unique value with your community at home and work, it's actually the opposite.  It deprives others of benefitting from what you have to offer. But, can you advocate for yourself in a kind and authentic way?  Yes!  Our leadership expert on today's episode, Mary McGuire, shares actionable tips for gaining clarity on your unique value and then sharing it with others in an authentic way.About Mary: Mary McGuire has built an impressive international career and lifestyle as an expert in the field of transformation and female advancement.  Using her skills and expertise gained from thirty years of working with global corporations and high-performing executives, she has distilled her learning into easily applied techniques and processes that she shares through her consulting and writing, including her most recent book, The Female Edge.Links Shared:Find Your Joyful LifeMary's LinkedInMary's TwitterMary's InstagramIf you want to join this movement of healthy, purpose-driven moms, be sure to subscribe and connect with us!IG: @wearemomsthatleadFB: @momsthatlead
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