65 minutes | Dec 29th 2020

016 All Things GameChanger

This special episode # 16 we are discussing the GameChanger app and the new app GameChanger Team Manager.Guest host Patrick Malley, from Dads takeover episodeSpecial Guests:Ken Strnad, VP Marketing of GameChangerDavid Kennedy, Head of Consumer Experience at GameChangerA few things we love about GameChanger:      -Scorebook       -Stats auto-generated      -Fan/viewer experience      -Audio- use in the car We discuss concerns about the new app- GameChanger Team Manager and our wish list items.New updates from the Gamechanger HQ:There is so much new news coming to GC Team Manager in 2021 and we are grateful for the opportunity to come on the show and share.  LINK: https://home.gc.com/live-video-streaming/
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