45 minutes | Nov 20th 2020

011: Girls Playing Boys Baseball

 Who said girls can't play baseball? 

This episode we interview two young ladies currently playing baseball, and another woman who played baseball all the way to high school. 

Our first guest is Ashley Comer from Warwick, NY. Ashley is a 13 yo, who is a pitcher as well as plays infield for her 14u travel team. Ashley and her mom tell us her experience playing with the boys, against difficult coaches, and her future plans for middle school baseball.

Our second guest is Gina Korbein from Saginaw, Michigan. Gina grew up playing boys baseball for many years at pitcher, first base, and other positions. Gina also played high school baseball and will share her experiences, her difficulties in the sport, and her advice for young ladies playing baseball now.

Our last guest is Cassiana, who plays for the 12u Renegades team in Michigan. Cassiana is an 11 yo pitcher, and third baseman. Cassiana, and her mom, share her first experience of baseball, pitching against boys, and advice for girls just like her.

On Deck: Lale Esquivel - Coach of the Best 12u Team in the Nation


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