11 minutes | Jun 13, 2018

Top 10 Tools for Work at Home Moms [Ep25]

Top 10 Tools for Work At Home Moms Alright, moms!  Here are my top tools for work at home moms.   They might not be typical tools you’re used to hearing about but these have definitely made my life easier.  I hope they can do the same for you. So let’s get to it.   I’m going to talk about tools for the home first. These are my favorite tools that I use weekly if not daily. 1. Alexa – Amazon Echo Dot or Siri or Google Assistant I use Alexa and talk to her all day.  She tells me the weather, the news, she sets timers for me (and y’all know how much I love timers from episode 4), and I ask her all sorts of random questions. My kids love her too.   They love the bedtime stories skill, the interactive Open the Secret Door Story, they ask her to fart (yes you read that right) and the all the random facts that they ask her. Plus they can play all the Kidz Bop songs they want. My 3-year-old even know how to pair Alexa to bluetooth.   So it’s definitely a good tool for both me and my kiddos. Check out Alexa HERE. The next tool is Amazon Prime. I talked about my love for Amazon Prime in episode 5.  And if you don’t what it is you must be living under a rock or something. I use Amazon for almost everything. It’s just so easy and it saves me time from going to the store. Plus, I use subscribe and save and I don’t even have to think about ordering trash bags, toilet paper, air filters or toothbrush heads they just get delivered to my door.   Check out Amazon Prime HERE. Ok, this next one you might be hearing about everywhere. It’s the InstantPot. I love it. Let’s be real, I don’t always remember to think about dinner in the morning. You know defrosting meat and all that stuff. I don’t have to anymore.  I can throw frozen meat (chicken, beef, etc) into the Instant Pot with some broth and veggies and voila I have dinner. It does a ton of stuff but I don’t really use those awesome functions. I just need to save my butt when it’s 4 pm, I have hungry kiddos starting to whine and all my meat is frozen. This next one is kinda different it’s the Ring Doorbell. I love this doorbell because it allows me to not have to get up when some random person is at my door trying to sell me something.   I can see them on my phone and tell them that I am not able to answer the door and let them go on their merry way. Another great feature is that I know exactly when my packages arrive so they don’t sit outside all day or get stolen. Alright coming in at #5 for tools for Work from Home Moms is the Roomba. You know I hate cleaning but I also hate dirty floors.  I’m always barefoot and it drives me crazy when I feel crumbs and dirt all over the floor.   Enter the Roomba, we call ours Rosie (you know from the Jetson’s). Yes, I have a robot that sweeps my floors. I don’t have any carpet except for the area rugs and with 3 small boys, there is always something gross on the floors.   Rosie was awesome when our dogs were alive.  Dog hair is one of my pet peeves. Seriously, having the floors swept daily by Rosie helps me keep up between my wonderful housekeepers that come every 2 weeks. Ok.  Moving on to business tools. I think you know what my #1 biz tool is but I’m gonna remind you anyway. It’s Asana. I use Asana every single day.  It houses all of my tasks, checklists, and pretty much everything else I need for Mommy’s Home Office and home life. If you feel frazzled and like you can’t get it together go check out my FREE Asana training where I walk you through the behind the scenes of my Asana and how I use it for Mommy’s Home Office. #2 won’t surprise you either…it’s Canva. Canva is a super easy graphic design website and app that make creating graphics super simple. Plus, it’s free.  I use Canva for Work which is the paid version (super low fee) and it’s totally worth it. It has all of the preset dimensions for almost all of the graphics you need to make and it has done for you templates. Now, I haven’t mentioned this next one before, it’s LastPass. Do you hate having to remember a million passwords? Or do you hate giving your password out to others?  Well, lemme introduce you my little friend LastPass.   This tool securely stores and remembers all of your passwords.  It also remembers all of your info too so you don’t need to fill out all of those forms anymore.  Just one click and voila it does it for you. Plus, sharing your password is super easy and you can choose to allow the person to see the password or keep it hidden. Ok, you probably know this by now but I’m a Google geek.   I use all of their stuff…Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Drive & Photos. I store everything here.  I also create 90% of everything in Google Docs or Sheets.  And then I store them in the Google Drive. The Calendar is critical for me.  I use this for everything. My husband and I couldn’t function without it. Or at least there would be a million more fights if we didn’t use this.   Now, I use Google Photos on my phone.  It backs up all of my photos because I’m of the mentality that you can never be too careful with your pics and you should have them at least in 3 places.  LOL Which leads me to the final tool for work at home moms – a Good Camera. You can do so much with smartphones these days that really don’t need a fancy DSLR unless you are a photographer then forget that last part. You need a DSLR.   I use my iPhone 7 Plus for everything and I mean everything.  I have a DSLR and I never use it anymore. All of the photos of the kids are taken with my phone.  I actually took a great course on how to take great pics of your kids with your iPhone. You can check it out here. I use those photos for my social media posts.  You can see them on my Instagram profile. I’ve taken all of those photos myself with my phone. Well, there you have it.  My top 10 tools for work at home moms.  Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!   Until next time…
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