42 minutes | Apr 20th 2020

Tia Slightham Talks Parenting Solutions and Reassures Us That Parenthood Doesn't Have to be Scaryhood!

Parenthood is the scariest hood you'll ever walk through... but it doesn't have to be.List kids do not come with manuals but luckily we have professionals like Tia Slightham to help us on this journey to raising great kids!This week we learn about child behaviours and what they mean. Listen in and find out how YOU can begin taking steps to be a better parent and bringing out the absolute best in your kids. Check Out Our Guest Here:Tia Slightham - Parenting Solutions www.tiaslightham.comInsta: @tiaparentingcoach Free golden time offer direct link is here but they can also get it on my homepage: www.tiaslightham.com/get-golden-time-formula-fb1
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