43 minutes | Nov 10th 2020

Postpartum Nutrition with Angela Wallace

Vanessa talks about all things postpartum and nutrition with Angela Wallace, a registered dietitian, family food expert, certified Pilates instructor, and personal trainer.Angela specializes in women and family health. She specifically works with weight management, gut health, fertility, pre/postnatal nutrition, and all things family nutrition (introducing solids to your little one, picky eating, fuelling your little athlete, simplifying family meals, allergies, etc.).Her nutrition services include one on one support, gut reset programs, simply balanced weight loss, individual or family meal plans, introducing solids support, picky eating support, breastfeeding support, nutrition for pregnancy, and so much more!FUN FACT: Angela also recently won, best trainer and best weight loss service for the Caledon Enterprise 2020 Reader's Choice Awards. Find Angela:Eat Right Feel Right@eatright_rdangela@eatrightfeelright.ca
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