28 minutes | Apr 8, 2021

Ep 8: Cung Le’s Momma Said Knock You Out

Your typical Hollywood Action Star has never lived in a refugee camp, but then again having first started his career as an MMA World Champion, Cung Le’s life has been anything but typical.On this episode of Moment To Moment, the actor and martial artist shares everything from the breathtaking tale of his family’s harrowing escape from Vietnam moments before the fall of Saigon (being flown out under fire in American GI Helicopters), to growing up in a small home with 14 people, and most formatively: to being bullied as a small Asian kid in a typical American town in the 1970’s, where many fathers & uncles had just returned from witnessing the horror of war against the Viet Cong…coming home to now find this “Charlie” had moved next door.Growing weary of hearing how her young, small was being chased & bullied by the kids in school, Cung’s mother told him that his running days were up — and it was time for him to start throwing the first punch. Once he started, Cung Le didn’t stop -- punching his way all the way to becoming a 2-time MMA World Champ. From there, Hollywood came calling, and propelled Cung to becoming one of Hollywood’s most prominent Asian Action Stars.Join us as he shares his story, and entertaining highlights on everything from his time trading nutrition tips with superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme — to the time he let Channing Tatum (accidentally) choke him into unconsciousness, in order to preserve the best take of their infamous fight scene together.
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