55 minutes | Apr 8, 2021

Ep 7: Chasing The Dragon: How Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer Danny Seraphine Still Gets Lost In The Groove

Saved by the Music: as a teenage father & gang member, high school dropout Danny Seraphine thought his dreams of a life in music had slipped through his fingers. That is, until the day Fate — and Dick Clark — stepped in, and forever altering the tempo of Danny’s life, and the pages of Rock n’ Roll History in process.

This is the implausible tale of how as one of the most gifted & instinctual drummers in Rock N Roll history almost traded his drumsticks for nightsticks — nearly choosing to become a WiseGuy for The Outfit instead (the notorious mob that ran Chicago). But in that fateful Moment of Decision, Danny found himself able to turn his life around, and went on to become Co-Founder of the legendary band CHICAGO — selling over 120 million albums, and becoming one of world’s best-selling bands of all time.

On this very special episode of Moment To Moment, sit back & relax as living legend Danny Seraphine openly shares about everything from his life growing up in the rough & tumble streets of Chicago, to some of his personal craft in creating such innovative music, to how he might describe his signature sound. All the while, sharing about his unrelenting pursuit of being open to a larger universal & creative energy that is available to anyone who may have enough courage to “let go”…and get lost in the groove.
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