53 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

Ep 6: How Choosing Writing Over Revenge Led Bobby Moresco To Convert Purpose from his Pain, and Back-to-Back Academy Awards

When dealing with the violent loss of a loved one, a gangster gets revenge but a true artist gets to writing. And that’s just one of a series of crucial Moments of Decision that forever altered the life of Academy Award-winning Writer, Director, and Producer Bobby Moresco.

In this episode of Moment To Moment, the man behind Oscar-winning films like Crash and Million Dollar Baby poignantly shares both his professional path, as well as personal process, along with valuable insights into what drives him to write every single day, the simplest way an actor can embrace his or her truth, the importance of making mistakes, and most meaningfully — how he defines Art.

From growing up on the tough streets of NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen and eventually making his way to the glitz & glamour of Hollywood studio filmmaking, having seen it all, Bobby Moresco’s got a thing or two that he’d like to tell you about it. And after spending 20+ years toiling as a writer every single day, who better to hear it from than another of Hollywood’s “overnight sensations”.
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