60 minutes | May 10, 2021

Ep 18: From The Appalachian Mountains To The Hollywood Hills: Writer Kevin Bernhardt Reflects On Those He Climbed and Others He Fell From

From a childhood spent devouring hundreds of books deep in the frozen woods of Pennsylvania, to hunting deer just so his family could survive the winter, to learning how to bullfight, the life prolific Screenwriter Kevin Bernhardt has lived could fill a book of his own. Or three.Giving up a successful career as a Hollywood heartthrob to become a screenwriter, the star of General Hospital and Dynasty turned down Aaron Spelling’s offer to create a star-making TV series just for Kevin himself, decided to take on Hollywood on his own terms.In Part 1 of a conversation that must be heard to be believed, Kevin reflects on the trials & tribulations of having nothing to lose, everything to gain, and why he was happy to have his mugshot posted in a film studio’s security-guard booth.
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