47 minutes | May 9, 2021

Ep 17: Why California Reggae / Hip-Hop Artist Ben Barbic Always Picks Up The Phone When Opportunity Calls

When the going gets tough, Ben Barbic gets going — into his music studio, that is. A graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, the up & coming singer/songwriter has taken more knocks than most, and through allowing his life to inform his art, sends back a few knocks back of his own. From losing everything he owned in a house fire, to becoming a father while barely of legal drinking age, to climbing out from rock bottom, the Bay Area musician feels most alive when letting it all come out through his signature rhymes, and infectious melodies. In this episode of Moment 2 Moment, Ben breaks down the moments that have defined his budding career thus far, the ethos of positivity and motivation he tries to maintain in his work, and the importance that his family holds in his life. Finding inspiration in everything from Guns n Roses’ Appetite for Destruction to Treach and Sizzla, Ben Barbic is rising to Opportunity. And where it doesn’t knock — he builds a door.
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