36 minutes | May 6, 2021

Ep 14: A Fantastic Distraction: How Writer-Director Heidi Greensmith Turns Quarantine Into Television Creativity

Once Heidi Greensmith hopped on the filmmaking train, she knew she’d never stop. A celebrated indie screenwriter & director, like many, Heidi’s career has been chock full of unexpected twists and turns.From accidentally moving next door to her favorite photographer, to directing music videos for the likes of Fatboy Slim, even to stumbling upon screenwriting when needing a creative outlet during her first pregnancy, Heidi has always been on the lookout for personal and meaningful stories to tell. Join in as Heidi as she talks filming television in quarantine, the instant connection she made with her future leading male actor, Sons of Anarchy’s Tommy Flanagan, and even sneak a peak into her new rock star murder mystery.
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