43 minutes | May 4, 2021

Ep 12: How Years After Winning American Idol, Singer-Songwriter Caleb Johnson Still Dreams On

Caleb Johnson is a Rock & Roll pastor, and with his new album, he's ready to preach to his congregation once again. A rock musician who won season 13 of American Idol in resounding fashion, Caleb couldn’t be more proud of his upcoming album — Mojo Mountain Vol 1 — and more importantly, what it took to get there.On this episode of Moment 2 Moment, he breaks down the resilience it took to audition and be rejected for American Idol not once…not twice…but three times before he finally broke through. And most impressively, Caleb tells the UNBELIEVABLE-BUT-TRUE story of the single greatest dramatic moment in American idol Finale History…that you've NEVER heard before. Until now.Caleb also shares what it’s like to tour with icons the likes of Joan Jett to Cheap Trick, from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra to KISS. And most triumphantly, getting the personal nod from the Legend — Meatloaf himself — to perform his infamous songs from Bat Out of Hell. Whether him sharing about the first time he sang front of an audience or divulging the truth about being on one of the most popular singing competition shows of all time, Caleb Johnson comes at this episode the way he does his music: with an unbridled, raw, and infectious energy that can’t help but make your jaw drop and feet stomp.
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