14 minutes | Dec 8, 2020

Real Foods, Real Health: Discussing Kid’s Nutrition with Nora LaTorre of Eat Real

Though it may not be making big headlines, we are in the midst of a children’s health crisis. More kids are experiencing high blood pressure, and a host of other issues, than ever before. In addition, the global pandemic has left one in four children with food insecurity, meaning it’s impossible to know where their next meal will come from. Couple that with the fact that 30 million kids depend on school meals for breakfast and lunch, and it becomes clear that the descent into the common use of processed foods is a major culprit in the decline of children’s health.  A cause close to Dr. Greene’s heart, Eat Real works to transform the health of kids and the planet by making a return to wholesome, real foods. CEO Nora LaTorre joins us today to share why nutrition is one of the most overlooked aspects of health, and how we can change that. Eat Real is actively working to shift the health trajectory by making nutrition accessible to everyone, and you can help them in reaching their goals! If there are topics you’d like us to cover in upcoming episodes, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a message here.    Thanks for listening! We love our listeners! Drop us a line and leave guest suggestions https://bambinifurtuna.com/pages/podcast  or visit us on Social Media! https://www.instagram.com/bambinifurtuna/ https://www.instagram.com/agatharelotaluczo/ https://www.instagram.com/drgreene/   Quotes “Whenever you look at a child, everything you see is either built out of the food that they eat, or built out of the food that mom ate when expecting. And so it’s the building block of their life, it’s the fuel for what they do, it’s the ingredients and medicines for repairing their body. It’s really central to health.” [01:05] “How kids eat during childhood changes how long they’re likely to live. What a gift it is to give kids what I call nutritional intelligence.” [02:37] “It is possible for schools to fix the state of school food and move from [the] very processed food that’s happened over the last 30 years back to real food.” [06:55]   Big Ideas  Why nutrition is a frequently discussed, but often undervalued, part of a child’s health and development. [01:01] The mission behind Eat Real. [03:51] Three key ways you can help support Eat Real, and children’s health at large. [08:54]   Links Health Benefits of Olive Oil Episode Picky Eaters Episode
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