16 minutes | Nov 24, 2020

Little Miracles: Hannah Skvarla of The Little Market

Artisanal, handmade products have been in the spotlight for a moment now, and for good reason. There’s something extra special about holding an item that you know was forged by someone who took their time with it, taking years to perfect their craft. But what if you could support artists and those in need simultaneously? The Little Market is taking their support of global artisans to the next level. By exclusively working with women in vulnerable communities around the world, they help to create dignified work opportunities for craftspeople in need of a wider audience. Statistics show that when women can generate their own income, they are able to initiate more opportunities for safety, autonomy and education for their families. Bambini Furtuna is proud to collaborate with The Little Market to introduce a limited edition bath and bed gift set perfect for nighttime bonding moments with your children. Listen in to learn more about the mission behind this trailblazing company with a cause.   If there are topics you’d like us to cover in upcoming episodes, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a message here.    Thanks for listening! We love our listeners! Drop us a line and leave guest suggestions https://bambinifurtuna.com/pages/podcast or visit us on Social Media! https://www.instagram.com/bambinifurtuna/ https://www.instagram.com/agatharelotaluczo/ https://www.instagram.com/drgreene/   Quotes “Artisans have shared with us that as soon as women have access to their own income, domestic violence goes down and they have more rights in the community.” [04:29] “These are really hard working people who just need access to job opportunities.” [06:29]   Big Ideas  The importance of supporting talented women in vulnerable communities who just need access to a customer base in order to better support their families. [00:53] The unique and surprising differences that occur when women (versus men) are given business opportunities. [03:27] How The Little Market works to find communities to partner with. [11:30]   Links The Little Market x Bambini Furtuna Limited Edition Bath & Bed Gift Set The Little Market Holiday Gift Guide Dreamy Hush Time Gratitude Journal
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