18 minutes | Jan 15, 2020

Hear Us Out: Ways to Treat Ear Infections in Children

Many sleepless nights are spent soothing children as they struggle to deal with ear infections. It’s no coincidence that ear infections are the number one reason antibiotics are prescribed in the U.S. However, there’s no need for these pesky infections to keep coming up like a greatest hits playlist from last year’s Spotify.  Agatha and Dr. Greene discuss ways to identify an ear infection, how to treat them naturally, and even ways they can be prevented. The surprising twist is that many ear infections don’t need to be treated with antibiotics at all – oftentimes they heal just fine on their own. Good news for kids and parents alike! Join Agatha and Dr. Greene each week as they discuss common pediatric ailments and the many ways they can be treated from home.    Thanks for listening! We love our listeners! Drop us a line and leave guest suggestions here or visit us on Social Media! Bambini Furtuna on Instagram Agatha Relota Luczo on Instagram Dr. Greene on Instagram   Quotes “Ear infections are the number one reason that kids take antibiotics. Ear infections are the number one reason kids have surgery.” [00:49] “The olive oil remedy is a pretty traditional one. It’s been used for generations. I’ve heard about it from people almost all over the world.” [07:18] “How great if you can trigger your own child’s immune system to heal the ear infection themselves.” [17:22]   Big Ideas  Olive oil and other plant remedies to ease ear infections. [07:18] When children really need antibiotics to treat an ear infection. [08:26] Tips for preventing ear infections. [14:03]   Links: Ear Trouble Helper Ear Pain Rescue Ear Trouble Helper Kit Stay up-to-date on Ear Infections on Dr. Greene’s website Chinchilla Study Cochrane Study Naturopathic Treatment vs Topical Anesthetic Study  
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