43 minutes | Aug 22nd 2020

Episode #14: Operations Excellence for Leaders in Tech with Audie Penn

The way you organize your workplace and your team contribute so much to the kind of results you can achieve in your tech business. Here at the MOJO Maker for Women in Tech podcast, we are passionate about making workplaces better from the inside out.  Joining us today to share his insights is friend and operations management specialist and expert, Audie Penn.

In this episode, Audie sheds light on the powerful set of tools with which he has deep expertise, and we kick off the show by hearing about his journey in operations management. From there, we turn our attention to one of Audie’s career highlights where he saw massive gains in performance. By getting into the nitty-gritty and precise understanding of a problem, the focus shifts away from the person to the process that needs to be changed. We then discuss how to work in a politically-charged organization, and what needs to be tackled to diffuse the tensions. Throughout the conversation, Audie stresses the importance of not only extensive knowledge of Six Sigma and Lean but also applying these tools within supportive contexts. Many moving parts contribute to organizational success, and the layers all have to work together to achieve desired results. Audie rounds off the show by talking about some of the resources he has available and others he's developing, along with how you can find him online.

Audie is a co-founder of Faro Partners.  His expertise is in executing strategy deployment processes, training both executive and local leadership to execute process improvements to achieve targeted results, and sustaining these performance improvements.  All this is done through the execution of management system practices that are all steeped in tactical leadership concepts that inspire organizational participation.

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