34 minutes | Nov 24, 2020

To Dance Again - Once More, Mi Amor!

"His mouth ravished hers, his tongue demanding entrance, twining with hers, plundering and mating." On today’s episode of Moist Lily,  C. Linguist opens fan mail, is cursed by a delicious, enchanted churro and reads Hebby Roman’s To Dance Again: A steamy Later-in-life contemporary Romance. We commence on two recently reunited lovers, Maricel and Romon. Their once fiery passions of youth reignited once more after so many years. 

Please note that the following retelling acknowledges the existence of sex and includes both highly fantastical and explicit content. Should you be interested in a bleeped or 'child friendly' version of the show please send your request to info@moistlily.com along with a large sum of gold pieces and a promise to seek professional help.

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To Dance Again: A Steamy Later-in-Life Contemporary Romance

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