25 minutes | Jul 7, 2020

The Centaur's Bride - Save a Cow, Ride a Horseboy

"She held up the last triangle of goat cheese and arugula sandwich. 'This is fancier than I imagined for a cowboy camping trip'..." Today we shall be ‘giddying up’ to the vast and sprawling countryside as we mosey through Tasmin Ley’s novella ‘The Centaur’s Bride.’ Uptown girl Renee is heiress to her recently deceased grandfather’s ranch. Her finances are dwindling; she means to sell, but upon visiting the property, she is surprised when things take an unexpectedly sexy turn. Enter Black Stevens, a devastatingly handsome and softly spoken cowpoke with a mythical secret beyond her wildest imaginings. Please note that the following retelling acknowledges the existence of sex and includes both highly fantastical and explicit content. Should you be interested in a bleeped or 'child friendly' version of the show please send your request to info@moistlily.com along with a large sum of gold pieces and a promise to seek professional help.Wish to continue this particular literary adventure?  The Centaur's Bride You needn't tarry Gentle Listener, visit www.moistlily.com and quench your thirst for provocationSupport the show (https://www.paypal.me/moistlilypodcast)
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