26 minutes | Dec 9, 2020

Tempting the Tiger - The Laying, The Witch & The Library

On today’s penultimate Season 2 episode of Moist Lily, we shall be partaking in a passage from a most beloved classic, Sennah Tate's Tempting the Tiger. Sloan, a handsome beast and  fearsome Tiger shapeshifter unites in amorous congress with Sarah, a besotted witch with unwieldy magics. It’s after hours in the local library, but it is carnal knowledge rather than books which these mystical lovers have come to check out. As the two oscillate their unmentionables, will Sarah finally learn to wield her awesome coven powers? Please note that the following retelling acknowledges the existence of sex and includes both highly fantastical and explicit content. Should you be interested in a bleeped or 'child friendly' version of the show please send your request to info@moistlily.com along with a large sum of gold pieces and a promise to seek professional help.Wish to continue these particular literary adventure?Tempting The Tiger (Palm Haven Shifters Book 1)You needn't tarry Gentle Listener, visit www.moistlily.com and quench your thirst for provocation and the finest of branded merchandiseHelp keep C. Linguist in luxurious pashmina undergarments...Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/moistlilypodcast)Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/moistlilypodcast)
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