33 minutes | Aug 13, 2020

Highlander's Sinless Nymph - Some Like It Scot

"It was an unexpected and extremely pleasant juxtaposition; the way that the rugged Scottish Highlander could move his hands with such gentle tenderness." On our season finale of Moist Lily, we venture to the rugged and breathtaking highlands to regale ye with Eloise Madigan’s noble and historically naughty tale: “Highlander's Sinless Nymph.” Edward MacAlpein embarks on a quest of vengeance after the senseless murder of his Ma by the vile curr, Captain Adair Bolton of the British Army. As the fates would have it, Edward’s chance for revenge is actualized when he makes the acquaintance of Captain Bolton's daughter, the unsuspecting and ravishing lassie, Miss Charlotte Bolton. Please note that the following retelling acknowledges the existence of sex and includes both highly fantastical and explicit content. Should you be interested in a bleeped or 'child friendly' version of the show please send your request to info@moistlily.com along with a large sum of gold pieces and a promise to seek professional help.Wish to continue this particular literary adventure?  Highlander's Sinless NymphYou needn't tarry Gentle Listener, visit www.moistlily.com and quench your thirst for provocation.Help keep C. Linguist in the finest pashmina undergarments...Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/moistlilypodcast)
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