31 minutes | Jan 13, 2019

Romeo and Juliet Act One - Modern Shakespeare Uncensored

Welcome to Modern Shakespeare Uncensored. This show is uncensored so there will be language and adult jokes. I do this in my translation because I want this show to be real to Shakespeare. I want the sexual jokes and the fowl language to come through in a modern age. I want listeners to enjoy Shakespeare the way the groundlings did. This episode we will be performing Romeo and Juliet Act One. The voices for this episode are Joshua Bastian, Anthony Crislip, Bradley Mickna, Sophia Louise Reed, Christopher Seifert, Lance Wilfred, Mikyla Wilfred, Tori Whitacre. A more specific cast is posted on our website. If you like what you heard please look the podcast up on Facebook as Modern Shakespeare Uncensored, and on Instagram and twitter as @msupodcast and tumblr as modernshakespeareuncensored.tumblr.com. The website, www.msu-podcast.com, also has a written translation side by side with the original shakespearean wording. Song and sound effect credits and resource we used to translate are available on our website! We look forward to sharing Romeo and Juliet Act 2 with you the first Sunday of next month.
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