28 minutes | Dec 1, 2020

The Mechanics of Social Selling on LinkedIn With Colleen McKenna

Harnessing the power of social media has been a cornerstone of successful sales strategies within the past few years. Especially in 2020, when millions of road warriors were grounded overnight and forced to work remotely, knowing how to access and sell to prospects virtually is a necessity for modern sales teams.  With nearly 700 million active users and lead conversion rates 3X higher than other major ad platforms (including Google Ads), LinkedIn offers tremendous opportunities for your sales team. However, like any technology, the true value of social selling on LinkedIn can only be realized through the right sales process, training, and methodology.  I talk about maximizing LinkedIn’s sales power with Colleen McKenna, Founder & CEO of Intero Advisory, on this week’s episode of the Modern Sales Management Podcast. Colleen’s unique method focuses on leveraging human connection and technology to reach your company’s recruiting, branding, and business development goals.  Colleen and I also discuss: How to sell on LinkedIn without ruining relationships and losing connectionsLinkedIn as a sale tool vs. a form of social mediaOptimizing your LinkedIn profile to “show up” and be a great first impression for your prospectsWhy LinkedIn is a valuable TOF tool and how to leverage its power Tips on establishing credibility on LinkedInHow to build an intentional sales network on LinkedInHow to fix the gaps in your LinkedIn network in order to connect with top clientsTips on setting up sales meetings via LinkedInHow to create a “surround sound” system of communication for your clients with LinkedIn being one of many different channelsHow to create a sales process using LinkedIn’s Sales NavigatorWhy a salesperson’s LinkedIn profile should be used as a marketing tool for your company and how to do just thatHow to jumpstart your network on LinkedInTips on creating a LinkedIn sales strategy and how to avoid the most common mistakes sales managers makeSales tips for former “road warriors” in 2020 and beyondWhat sales teams can expect in the future and how to best prepare for these changes Connect with Colleen on LinkedIn and learn more about her company by visiting its website.  Subscribe and listen to all episodes of the Modern Sales Management podcast on your favorite podcast app or by visiting ModernSalesManagement.com.
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