48 minutes | Sep 8th 2020

The Age of Innocence with The Perks of Being a Book Lover Podcast

The hosts of the Perks of Being a Book Lover Podcast joined Tabby to discuss The Age of Innocence. In this episode, we cover the Pulitzer prize-winning book as well as the film by Martin Scorcese. We try to answer some burning questions like was Edith Wharton the Karen of her time, how many close-up shots of your props are one too many, and what's with the strange music choices, Marty? Because of course, nothing says Gilded Age New York like Celtic folk singer-songwriter legend Enya. Modern Thoughts in this episode: Amy-The Personal History of David Copperfield, and going to the movies in times of Covid19, Carrie-Be still and surrender to nature if you have the opportunity, Tabby-Douglas by Hannah Gadsby on Netflix, Find the Perks of Being a Book Lover podcast on Instagram on Facebook on their website: https://theperksofbeingabooklover.podbean.com/. Find Carrie on Instagram. Find Amy on Instagram.

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