54 minutes | Jan 6th 2021

Ede Fox, The Black Carnivore, on reclaiming health & food justice with a meat-inclusive diet

In today's episode of The Sustainable Dish, I chat with Ede Fox, aka The Black Carnivore.   We talk about how she reclaimed her health with a carnivore or meat-based diet and her creation of an inclusive space for black people and people of color to learn about the carnivore diet, health, and nutrition. We dive into the underlying injustices of a meat-free or less meat diet, how food justice includes access to nutrient-dense foods like meat, and what we can do to help encourage more people to advocate for a meat-inclusive diet.   If you're curious about the carnivore diet and how it can be an effective therapy, how diet recommendations for a particular region of people often don't acknowledge systemic injustice of those regions, or how you can get explore the carnivore diet and get involved with the Black Carnivore community, give this episode a listen.   Find Ede online on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and The Black Carnivore Podcast, and if you're new to carnivore, check out her coaching services here.   This episode was generously sponsored by my favorite electrolyte drink mix, LMNT. I personally drink 2 per day and recommend to my clients, athletes, or anyone following a low-carb diet or undergoing a stressful period to pay attention to their electrolytes. LMNT is the perfect combination of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Visit this website for a free sample pack, just pay shipping!
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