33 minutes | Jul 17th 2020

The Father My Father Never Was | Andre Jalil on Absentee Dads and Black Fatherhood in America

How often does your kid do something so funny, cute, smart, or outrageous that you wish you could capture it and share it with the world? (And how often do you follow through on that?) Multi-talented content creator and father of one, Andre Jalil, is a master of documenting life with his-two year-old daughter Lyric Sanaa on video. The result is a treasure trove of hilarious and heart melting content that leaves no doubt that Andre, who grew up without his own father, embraces and adores his role as Lyric’s dad.

Most episodes of Modern Dadhood center around topics or themes that hosts Adam and Marc have some degree of experience with… but not this one. Episode 22 finds the guys welcoming guest Andre Jalil, father of one daughter (2 year old Lyric Sanaa), content creator, influencer, music producer, writer, musician, and emcee, to talk about growing up without a father at home, and how Andre uses his social media platform to show aspiring dads how fulfilling and fun fatherhood can be. The guys discuss:

•  The perception and narrative of the Black father
•  Absentee fathers
•  The desire to be present and involved when Andre had kids
•  Inspiring other dads and dads-to-be via social media
•  Protecting your kids without being overprotective
•  Building a family legacy
•  The importance of introducing prominent Black artists and historical figures to our kids
•  Rewriting the history books
•  Developing a plan before having kids. And staying present and available even if you don’t yet have a plan.

A second installment of hit mega-hit Talkin' With Toddlers carries Adam through a range of emotions including giddiness, excitement, pride, confusion, disbelief, and rage... and pleases Marc to no end.

[Episode Transcript]

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