36 minutes | Jan 29, 2021

The Ailing Dad And The Urgent Donation | John Dorlean on Fatherhood, COVID, Gratitude

At a rare moment of peak polarization in American history, John Dorlean, a hospitalized father of three, receives an anonymous, crucial donation of convalescent plasma to combat his intensifying case of COVID-19. An article shared thousands of times over 24 hours, along with a bit of good timing, just may have saved John’s life. Episode 36 opens with an examination of "viral" content and some of the key factors that result in content being shared widely. The guys declare that beyond inimitable fail videos captured by accident, outrageous unicorns pooping rainbow sherbet, or tug-at-the-heartstrings branded content, there is a category of viral content that is underrepresented: the call for help from one’s community.Adam chats with John Dorlean, a personal friend and a father of three from Maine. In December, despite willfully adhering to safety precautions, John and his wife both contracted COVID-19. Wanda didn’t have an easy go of it; intense flu-like symptoms knocked her out of commission. And while she was suffering and John was caring for her and their three children, his own symptoms started presenting. With two sick parents and three kids under the age of 13, now just days before Christmas, the Dorleans’ world was upside down. As Wanda improved, John’s condition worsened, rendering him increasingly short of breath and feverish, eventually landing him in Intensive Care.Unaware of how tenuous his situation really was, John was told that he required a transfusion of convalescent plasma… (whatever that meant…) but his rare AB Negative blood type meant that the plasma was not immediately available.While the hospital desperately searched their network, Wanda and a family friend got to work and ultimately got John’s story picked up by regional news networks and by Seacoast Online in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, their regional news outlet. And then the magic started to happen.The article was shared thousands of times, and within 24 hours, there were multiple leads and interested parties, and a donation of AB Negative convalescent plasma was delivered to the hospital specifically for John the next day. The transfusion saved his life.Now at home recuperating with lingering symptoms, John shares his incredible story and lends some words of advice to other parents about how to protect their families, and how to continue spreading kindness and generosity, just as it was shown to him.Also, in an installment of So That’s A Thing Now, we learn that Marc’s kids suddenly love dancing naked! [Episode Transcript] Links:Article: Kittery Dad Fighting COVID-19 Needs Emergency Plasma DonationArticle: Kittery Man Battling COVID-19 Gets Overnight Plasma DonationWife of Kittery Man Fighting COVID-19 'Blown Away' by SupportAmerican Red CrossPlasma Donation InformationHalf Court Basketball ShotBalloon Boy HoaxDove "Real Beauty Sketches"Squatty Potty CommercialHarmon Brothers“Wonky Donkey” by Craig Smith“Funky Dunky” by Harry Connick, Jr.Red Vault AudioCaspar BabypantsSpencer Albee
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