35 minutes | Sep 25th 2020

Regression, Rewards, and Puddles on Floors | Evan Ozimek-Maier on Potty Training

Every parent hopes to cruise through potty training so they can be rewarded with the sweet liberty of a diaper-free lifestyle. But sometimes the toilet training journey is less of a cruise and more of a crawl… or worse yet, a series of fits and starts. Marc and his wife Jamie know this journey all too well as they’re currently navigating the harsh (and sometimes messy) terrain with their twin boys. Guest Evan Ozimek-Maier, along with his wife and two-year-old daughter, on the other hand, are just buckling in. Will they discover the perfect technique? Will they encounter regression road blocks? Or will they careen down a YouTube rabbit hole? Evan joins the Modern Dadhood conversation to share his perspective, and to get down and dirty on the journey of potty training.

Episode 27 of Modern Dadhood begins with an acknowledgement that the past two episodes have been heavy. “Heavy topics for heavy times,” as noted appropriately by Marc. The guys have decided to lighten things up with a topic that every parent goes through: Potty training. As it turns out, the Checkets are currently fully immersed in the potty training adventure with their twin boy toddlers, so Marc, in particular, has plenty in common with guest Evan Ozimek-Maier. Evan is the Associate Director of Creative Services at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and is a father of a two-year-old daughter Louis.

Evan shares about his family’s journey training Louis (who he and his wife Alyssa affectionally call Lulu) to ditch the diapers and commit to using the toilet. The guys discuss various techniques that they’ve read about, heard about, and tried themselves, and they share what has been most successful in their own experiences. Other topics include:

•  The value of including your child in the conversation
•  Letting your kid take the initiative vs. encouraging it based on age
•  Associating feelings of negativity with the toilet/peeing or pooping without a diaper
•  Parents’ reactions to their child successfully using the toilet
•  Incentivizing potty use
•  Being influenced by peers who are potty trained
•  Embarrassment/shame around pooping
•  Regression
•  The Respectful Parenting Method
•  The "Oh Crap!" method
•  Potty training books/videos/resources

[Episode Transcript]

Evan Ozimek-Maier
Oh Crap! Potty Training
RIE / Respectful Parenting Method
Caspar Babypants
Red Vault Audio
Spencer Albee

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