36 minutes | Jun 19th 2020

Putting Your Soul Into Dadhood | Martin Sexton on Fatherhood, Following Your Bliss

Whether it's singing your heart out on stage or spending an afternoon smashing rocks into a lake with a Wiffle ball bat, our kids learn valuable lessons when they see their dad immersed in something he loves. To kick off Father's Day weekend, the guys share the qualities of a solid Father's Day, and Marc waxes philosophical about the values he took away from his own father's woodworking hobby. They welcome legendary musician, dad, and all-around soulful human being, Martin Sexton onto the show and have a marvelous conversation about passion, soul, heartbreak, and fatherhood. And we learn to stay away from the throw pillows at the Flaherty house.

The 20th episode of Modern Dadhood kicks off Father’s Day weekend 2020, with Adam and Marc discussing what an ideal Father’s Day might look like. They quickly realize they’re on the same page… it’s about spending quality, low-key time with the people you love the most. The conversation shifts to the value of our children seeing us express appreciation and excitement for the things we love to do.

Moving into the episode topic, Adam reminds Marc of a conversation prior to the launch of Modern Dadhood, where Marc quickly identified  legendary singer/songwriter Martin Sexton as a guest he’d love to have on the show. Marc shares that Sexton’s music has been there for him since he was a teenager, and accompanied him through joyous times and challenging times. The theme of family frequently appears in Martin’s music, and since having children, the lyrics speak to Marc on a totally different level.

Martin shares stories of growing up in a Catholic family of 12. He describes his own kids, each with a unique story, and what being a dad means to him. Unsurprisingly, the soul that you see Martin emanate on stage is the same passion that he finds in digging in the dirt or playing Wiffle ball with his 11-year-old son Shane. Other topics include:

•  Supporting your kids’ interests (even when they’re very different from your own)
•  Valuing time together
•  Bringing your all to your work
•  Following your bliss
•  Growing up in a large, diverse Catholic family
•  Giving and receiving “tough love”
•  The importance of hope, faith, and optimism
•  Experiences from your childhood that leave lasting impressions on you

The guys wrap up the episode with another installment of “Did I Just Say That Out Loud?” which might leave you hoping that Adam thoroughly cleans the upholstery in his home.


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