36 minutes | Jan 1st 2021

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Let me guess: You thought it was SOOO unlikely that 2020 would serve up not one, but TWO hilarious fatherhood-themed podcasts... didn’t you, you Doubting Thomas, you? If 2020 has demonstrated nothing else, it’s that anything is possible. In Modern Dadhood's first anniversary episode, we welcome comedian and fellow podcaster Rory Scovel of Dads: The Podcast. We laugh, we laugh, and we wax philosophical on the role of the dad and why this fatherhood conversation is important. Also, our final Confessions of the year!

Episode 34 marks the one year anniversary of Modern Dadhood with a shamelessly self-indulgent conversation about the significance of discussing fatherhood with fellow dads from all walks of life. The guys catch up briefly on Christmas, and recount their early ideation sessions for the podcast, before welcoming comedian Rory Scovel into the conversation. Rory is a comedy writer, actor, performer and fellow podcaster who co-hosts the outstanding Dads: The Podcast on TeamCoco. The three reflect on their inspirations for starting dad-themed podcasts, and the wisdom they've gleaned through rich conversations with their guests. Topics include:

•  The identity shift when you become a dad
•  The dad "club"
•  How our parents shape our identity and we in turn shape our children
•  Rory's episodic show Robbie and parallels to his real life
•  Ways in which the role of the dad has evolved over time

The guys bid farewell to Rory and transition to the final Confessions of 2020, which largely revolve around food.

Thank YOU for making Modern Dadhood's first year so exciting and fulfilling! Your involvement and support means the world to us. We wish all of our listeners (dads or otherwise) a healthy 2021.

[Episode Transcript]

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