31 minutes | Aug 14th 2020

First Time Dad: 3 Month Countdown | Chad Richardson Ponders His Forthcoming Life Change

Expecting your first child can be both exciting and unsettling. There’s so much to learn, do, prepare, and buy before you take on the single most important job you’ve ever had. Becoming a first time dad in 2020, when it feels like the whole planet could just fold in on itself at any given moment, is a different kind of unnerving. Thankfully, Chad Richardson is feeling optimistic and focused on the silver linings as he prepares to take on fatherhood in three short months.


Chad Richardson grew up in rural Wisconsin and gained plenty of experience with babies and small children as he was a teenager when two of his younger sisters were born. Now he lives with his wife Katie in their home outside of Boston, and in non-pandemic times, they both commute into the city for work. Chad and Katie also happen to be host Adam Flaherty's brother- and sister-in-law, and in three months, they’ll introduce a new little member into the family. While on vacation together recently, Chad and Adam retreated to the back porch to enjoy the scenic mountain vista, a cold pop, and a conversation about Chad’s hopes, fears, and dadhood goals. They broached topics including:

•  Dad humor
•  Having a baby during a worldwide pandemic
•  How to handle visit requests when the baby is born
•  The positives of working from home during the pregnancy
•  Redirecting kid meltdowns and tantrums
•  Threatening your child with consequences
•  The different styles of dad-to-be resources
•  Taking pride in teaching your kid life skills
• The importance of a coffee maker with a programmable timer

Before the conversation concludes, Chad commits to making himself available for a follow up conversation in the baby's first two weeks of life. Adam is excited to capture genuine and unadulterated brain fog, and the prospect of witnessing a full grown man be reduced to tears due to lack of sleep.

[Episode Transcript]

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