33 minutes | Jun 5th 2020

Finding Adventure In Active Duty | US ARMY Officer Kevin White on Military Fatherhood

The military lifestyle can be hard. Uncertainty and risk are ever-present, and that stress can affect family members just as much as the active duty soldier... Perhaps even more. US Army Officer and dad of one daughter, Kevin White, shares openly about his family's experience navigating a challenging, rewarding, and often nomadic military lifestyle. Plus, Marc shares about a recent trip to the ER. And, in a new segment called "Confessions," Adam reveals a deep dark secret that might just make his kids lose their very minds.

Marc begins another remote recording session by recounting a recent (and rather traumatic) trip to the emergency room with one of his toddler twins. (Spoiler alert: everyone's okay!)

The guys discuss the phrase (and the act of) "social distancing," and decide that while it's easy to form an opinion based on one's personal situation, there are many variables which impact peoples' social distancing experience. Many don't have the luxury of collecting income from the safety of their home while spending more time than they're used to with their immediate families-- in fact, many people risk their own lives each day serving others. And in the case of our guest, US Army Officer Kevin White, sometimes you are required to put yourself at risk and physically distance from your family for weeks or months at a time.

Kevin candidly discusses his experience in the military including the challenges of being deployed with a wife and young daughter at home, and the unique opportunities that military life presents to his family. Our conversation also touches on:

•  The various types of deployments and missions
•  Making fast friends in new places
•  How to explain to a toddler that their dad will be away for an unknown length of time
•  How to communicate to your child the inherent danger in your line of work
•  Reintegrating back into civilian life as a father

Adam and Marc round out the episode by revealing their deep, dark dad secrets in a new segment aptly titled Confessions.


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